All you need to know about the 4D lotto prize structure

4D Lotto:

4-digits or more commonly known as 4D is a very popular lottery game or betting system, which is only gaining in popularity all over the world mainly due to the number of people who were able to invest a lot of money and in return got to earn huge amounts. This system of lottery and predicting is most common in countries like Germany, Singapore, and Malaysia. But its popularity is spreading 4D to other parts of the world as well.

As its name suggests, a player will have to pick a numerical value of 4-digits and the winner is selected through a lucky draw. The lucky draw includes 23 numbers, these sessions are held online on different timings depending upon the country you are taking part in. Due to the fact that these lottery systems are famous and they offer a large amount of return to the winners, people are more willing to invest money in them and curious about the 4D Prize structure.

4D Lotto Malaysia:

Magnum 4D is one of the most reliable and most used 4D providers in Malaysia, it is legalized and a licensed 4D provider. In Malaysia, the draws are held on every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, a special draw is also held on every Tuesday.Malaysia is a country where there are a lot of restrictions regarding the gambling and casino based activities, so you will need to look out for a 4D operator that is legal, Magnum 4D is one such platform that has the official license from the government of Malaysia.

How to play Magnum 4D:

There are two ways in which you can play the 4D classic game, the first one is the straight way, it is the most simple and basic method to play 4D. In this method, you simply get to pick a 4 digit number and then select either big forecast or Small forecast. The big would mean that you will get to win lower amount, however, if you land in any of the 23 winning numbers you might win something. If you select small then it means that you have a chance of winning more amount of money but you will have to land in any of the top 3 positions only otherwise you would not be able to win.

Other than the straight pick, you can also opt for a lucky pick which will mean that the organizers chose a random 4 digit number for you. You should be well aware of the 4D prize structure and then take out the payslip. The 'LP' on the slip means that the number is belonging to a lucky pick, and the plain numbers with no symbols or letters in front mean that the pick is a straight one. On the payslip, a player should include the play type (Straight, lucky pick, etc.) and the 4D numbers. Wait for the draw!

The second method of playing is through mbox, in this way the mbox will use all the probable combinations that could be made from the 4-digits you have chosen. Then you get to choose big, small or both types. The rules are the same, for a big you get to win lesser amount but all 23 possibilities are there, for a small, you can only win if you land at 1st, 2nd or 3rd in other cases there is no victory for you, but if you land at the top 3 you can still win a higher amount of reward which is a benefit. Then the rest is also the same.

4D prize Structure:

You can win some amount of money when your winning number matches any one of the winning numbers that are drawn by the judges. There are different prizes based on your positioning on the table.

You have one of the two options, you can either go with the Big Forecast or with the Small forecast, and each one of these has its own benefits and disadvantages. With the big forecast, you have a greater chance of winning as it allows you a margin of landing on one of the total 23 numbers, however, the reward is lower.

In the other case, you can choose a Small forecast, and get a chance to win a larger amount of money than you can win if you go with the big forecast. This also narrows your chance of winning a prize because then you would have to land on either the first, second or third place for which you will have to be very lucky. But you never know you can have some lucky days and winning more involves its own risks.

Big forecast 4D prize structure:

So supposing that you have chosen to go with the big forecast and the number you have chosen matches the first winning number, meaning that you get the first position then you will receive a total of RM 2500.

Similarly, if you have matched with the second place then you will be able to receive RM 1000.

Next for the third place, you will get a total of RM 500.

And apart from this, you can either get a special or starter position or you can get the consolation position, for consolation you get to have a total of RM 60 and for the special you get to have RM 180.

Small Forecast 4D prize structure:

Next up it’s the Small forecast, in which you must land on the top three in order to win something. If you get to the 1st place you will be eligible to receive a total of RM 3500.

In the case of a second place, you will be getting a total of RM 2000.

And for the third, you get to have RM 1000. There is no other money involved in the Small forecast.Then there is one more thing called the Magnum 4D Jackpot, there are different values for each of them and different eligibility criteria.

4d Magnum Jackpots

There are 2 kinds of Jackpots, the Jackpot 1 and the Jackpot 2. Further, there is Group 3, group 4 and Group 5 and their respective prizes. Let’s discuss their prize details.

In the case of a Jackpot 1, you will be able to receive a total amount of RM 2,000,000. But in order to be able to achieve this prize money your number has to be matching with the top 3 prize, one of the pairs of the chosen number should match one of the Top 3 drawn numbers and the other pair of the same 4 digit number should match one of the other Top 3 numbers at the same time. For example: If one pair is matching the 1st position then the other pair should either match the 2nd position or it should match the 3rd position. Moreover, there is no maximum limit to the highest payout cash.

Now for the jackpot 2, the prize money available is RM 1,000,000, to win this amount of money you will need to be able to match your 4 digit number to each one of the top three positions and the other pair of your 4 digit number to the anyone of the top ten positions.

The other reward is the Group 3 prize that you can avail if your 4 digit number is able to match to either one of the top three winning numbers, the amount of money you can receive is RM 168 for each RM 2 bet. RM 10 million is the maximum limit for the winnings.

For the Group 4 prize, RM 68 for every RM 2 bet can be received to the ones whose 4 digit number matches with one of the top ten special prizes list. There is a RM 10 million limit to the winnings.

The last prize that you can receive is the Group 5 prize. This will allow you to be able to win RM 28 for every RM 2 bet. This prize is for the ones that are able to match one of their 4 digits pairs to any one of the top 10 of the consolation list.

Drawing details:

The draws for these numbers are held on every Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday, and sometimes on Tuesdays as well. The drawing method is simple, three judges are there to witness the draw and the draws are picked by three people.

In order to be eligible to become a judge, there is a specific criterion that you must fit on so that you are selected as the judge. You should be over 21, non-Muslim and your past record is good. These judges are responsible for ensuring that the draw is being conducted in a fairway. One of the three judges is chosen as the chairman.

To pick out the winning numbers, people from the general public are selected and asked to conduct a draw. They are asked to select the marble sacks that are used for the draw, this draw is carried out under the supervision of the Panel of Judges.

Guaranteed Payments:

All of the operators ensure that the prize money is paid out within 180 days of the winning, in case of a delay you can always contact your operator’s head office and enquire about the status of their money. You must make sure that you have proper tickets to prove that you have won some amount of money.

In order to be able to win some amount of money, you should either have enough experience or you should be wise enough to be able to analyze the past results of the draws. In this way, you can know what the trend is and then after knowing about the matters in the market you can go ahead and try your hand at the 4D lottery. Another reason why people keep on looking at the lottery results is that even though they do not have a lottery ticket to check the status of but they still go ahead and keep a look at how the market is doing.

Be a responsible citizen:

Before investing in the 4D lottery you should be well aware of all the rules and regulations of the lottery draws around you. This will prevent you from losing your money and before investing some amount of money you will know exactly what‘s required to be able to achieve something from the draw. Moreover, you should be wise and responsible while betting through lottery systems. You wouldn’t want your money to be wasted as a result of a scam, so it is best to have a look at the best websites and operators in your country before you actually decide to bet some amount of money.


You should know all about the laws and rules of your country regarding gambling and betting before you invest your money in gambling activities because in case of a violation you can easily land into trouble. Now that you know all about how to play and what you can achieve through the 4D lottery, it is upon you to be able to enjoy while being responsible for your money and laws.