Online Casino Malaysia Betting Trends of 2019

Online Casino Malaysia Betting Trends of 2019

Play like a pro and follow these online casino Malaysia betting trends of 2019 and keep up with the game.

Gambling isn't just about having fun and betting on the things you're confident in. For many people, gambling gives them an opportunity to envision a new future for themselves. All it takes is one jackpot or the flash of three sevens, and their whole life may change course for something better.

While those dreams may be fun for many people, the online gambling industry is making those dreams a reality — especially in Malaysia. Online casino Malaysia betting trends are showing people want to gamble in the country. Despite the restrictive laws, people are finding ways to have fun and enjoy the games.

Citizens are turning to online gambling since they could be fined or even arrested for going to a casino. Online gambling gives Malaysian citizens a safe way to enjoy spending time with each and score jackpots! And as a result of their interest in online gambling, the industry will grow throughout 2019 and into 2020.

Malaysians will enjoy deeper, richer experiences from online gambling. And to read more about how the industry will thrive, keep reading below!

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Gambling isn't Entirely Legal in Malaysia

In 1953, Malaysia passed two laws that essentially outlawed gambling and casinos in the country. The Common Gaming Houses Act and the Betting Act made it so that people could be prosecuted for gambling. It outlawed places where gambling was encouraged and barred people from physically gambling.

People playing blackjack on the street could have their cards confiscated and be fined or arrested. And police could get warrants to raid places they suspected people were going to so they could gamble. For the most part, these laws crippled the gambling industry in the country.

All this was meant to make the country safer. Yet, casinos self-regulate themselves and make their customers' safety a priority.

Luckily, the laws didn't explicitly outlaw online gambling in the country. And since people can gamble in the comfort of their own home, they don't need to worry about police raiding their residences. As long as Malaysians don't advertise that they're gambling online, they're safe.

And that has helped the online gambling industry thrive. It's given website owners capital to invest in new technologies, systems, and games. It's changed the way the industry works and gave it renewed energy heading into 2020.

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Online Casino Malaysia Betting Trends Will be Affected by the Global Economy

Unfortunately, despite Malaysians helping boost the success of the online gambling industry, the industry may still be in trouble. And none of it is Malaysia's fault; it's the global economy's fault. Whenever an economy sinks, the gambling industry tends to hurt the most.

As more rumblings of a global recession are printed in headlines, the less confident people will be about spending money. And they will be almost certain that they shouldn't gamble it away. In the face of any economic downturn, people care less about winning jackpots and imagining a better future.

Instead, they begin caring more about saving money and preparing for worse things. Money takes on a newfound value, and fewer people are comfortable getting rid of it. As a result, gambling loses its allure, and fewer people gamble.

Falling Consumer Confidence Means Less Gambling

One of the biggest indicators that the gambling industry may need to brace for hardship is the consumer confidence index. This is the number that economists use to measure how comfortable people are with spending money. And it recently fell, by a lot.

The primary cause behind that fall is the global trade war. Politicians' egos are dooming prospects for many people, and it can cripple entire economies. Malaysia may not be able to keep the whole online gambling industry afloat on its own if its people stop finding it as fun as they do now.

Virtual Casinos Enter Virtual Reality

Barring significant economic downturn, online gambling is actually poised to thrive. New technologies have been built that will give people enriching and lifelike experiences. For example, now that virtual reality has entered the mainstream, people can go to casinos in their own home.

It can be a replacement for live casinos, which also bring the experience of gambling around others to users' computer screens. Virtual reality is just the next step for live casinos.

All they need is the right equipment, and gamblers will step in a virtual world filled with plenty of other virtual gamblers. Virtual casinos will give people a chance to interact with others just like they would in real life. As a result, their bets will mean more, and they will share deeper experiences with peers.

Online Gambling is About the Experience, Not Just Winnings

Virtual casinos will keep people coming back since gambling is rarely about winning the jackpot. People go to casinos because they want the experience and thrill of watching a roulette table spin. They want to share in the excitement of watching cards be dealt around them.

Online gambling websites struggled to bring that to their users. There's only so much you can do to make online casinos give the same experiences as real-life ones. Yet, with virtual reality, virtual casinos may get closer to giving their visitors the unforgettable memories they want.

Gambling Gets Cryptic With Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency shook global financial markets after it was introduced in the mainstream. Once people understood how it could be purchased and used, the potential for cryptocurrency exploded. And one of the industries it made the biggest impact on was gambling.

By gambling with cryptocurrencies, both the casino and the user benefit from added security. Casinos automatically verify that users have the money they're betting with due to the blockchain technology behind cryptocurrencies. The blockchain is powerful because it instantly verifies transactions, and provides a level of trust.

Users, on the other hand, can maintain some anonymity while gambling online. And that's useful for users in countries like Malaysia, where gambling is illegal. When they feel more secure gambling, they're more likely to join online gambling websites and have some fun!

2019 Will Give Gamblers a Glimpse of the Future

If current online casino Malaysia betting trends are anything to go by, 2019 will be a pivotal year for the online gambling industry. With the economic climate changing, looming over the industry and threatening to take a downturn, the next decisions industry leaders make will be vital.

This is the year when the industry's future will be determined. Depending on its leaders' decisions, the future may be full of cryptocurrency virtual casinos where people go to have fun. Yet, it could also be barren and desolate, where online gambling websites struggle to survive.

Luckily, you have a say in which future the industry turns to by participating in it! By playing slots or some of our games, you help the industry improve. Plus, you may get a jackpot in the process!

So, register for an account and play a game now, if you want to have some fun!