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    What Exactly Is Online Gambling Fraud?

    Online gaming fraud occurs when cybercriminals attempt to exploit or defraud an iGaming operator. This can take many forms, including multi-accounting, bonus abuse, affiliate fraud, money laundering, and even grey areas like arbitrage.

    When we talk about gaming fraud, we mean any illegal or harmful behavior or scheme carried out by professional or amateur fraudsters to take funds, bonuses, or other benefits from the iGaming company - and/or facilitate other fraud.

    Naturally, online gambling attracts a lot of fraud because of its ease of access as well as the offline industry's established relationships with money launderers. It also piques the interest of regulators and politicians, regardless of whether we're talking about a poker room, online casino, slots website, bingo room, or bookmaker.

    Do you want to put a stop to gambling fraud?

    SEON provides robust, sophisticated technologies as well as a dedicated fraud analyst staff to assist you in detecting affiliate fraud, bonus abuse, and other issues.

    The Most Common Online Gambling Scams

    While fraudsters are constantly devising new and inventive ways to exploit the system, there are a few common tactics to be aware of.

    Multiple account fraud: This is the foundation for many gaming attacks. Fraudsters construct dozens, if not hundreds, of accounts with forged credentials to tip the scales online in their favor. These are used to facilitate schemes like the ones listed below.

    Bonus fraud: Many phony accounts benefit from new signup bonuses, vouchers, and other appealing incentives. While these promotions are a wonderful method to attract new players, too many of them can soon cause your platform to lose money.

    Gnoming is the use of numerous accounts to assist one player in winning. The other accounts are used to purposefully lose head-to-head games to pocket all the associated wins and bonuses. This is prevalent in games like poker.

    Another dishonest activity at the poker table is chip dumping. The concept, like gnoming, is to have numerous accounts join the same table to manipulate the system and affect the results in favor or against one player.


    Diagram depicting the four most typical types of online gambling scam

    Then there are the payment-related attacks. Online casinos and gambling platforms are effectively digital wallets because they require payments and withdrawals before you can play - therefore processing payment means the possibility for losses there as well.

    Stolen credit cards: Fraudsters can utilize stolen card information to top up their accounts, allowing them to pocket legitimate winnings.

    Chargebacks: If someone has already used a stolen credit card on your site, the authentic cardholder will most likely become aware of what has occurred and request a chargeback from their banking or credit card provider. Unfortunately, this means they will be refunded at the expense of the gambling operator, as well as incur some processing fees to add insult to injury...

    Abuse of phone top-up: If your online casino provides phone top-up, scammers can deceive victims into paying their accounts for them. This uses standard social engineering and phishing techniques to target unsuspecting users and request a phone payment. The money is deposited into the fraudster's iGaming account.

    Finally, as with traditional casinos, owners must exercise caution to avoid becoming a haven for money launderers. Any location that processes significant quantities of money can be used to legalize unlawfully obtained funds, and gaming establishments are a popular destination for criminals.

    You can assess users' intentions and fraud score upon signup using the following methods:

    Device fingerprinting is the process of identifying information about the player's device, such as software and hardware.

    Analysis of digital footprints - valid emails and phone numbers are frequently associated with at least a few social media accounts and other online platforms, which reveals a lot about their owner. More on this later.

    IP fraud analysis/ - An IP address, like a device fingerprint, can tell a lot about a person's internet usage, location, and potential for fraudulent conduct.

    Behavior and velocity checks are modules that assess someone's behaviors at numerous touchpoints and compare them over time to see if, for example, many users have logged on with the same IP address in just a few hours.

    Most of these procedures can also be used to guarantee that the correct user is using the correct account at deposit, withdrawal, and other touchpoints. Device fingerprinting and IP analysis, for example, can assist in detecting account takeovers (whether credentials have been stolen or acquired through phishing attacks).

    Finally, it is critical to check the card information during account top-ups to ensure it has not been stolen or poses a high-risk concern.