Win Big With Your Favorite Team! Here's What to Consider When Making Your Sports Betting Strategy

Win Big With Your Favorite Team! Here's What to Consider When Making Your Sports Betting Strategy

The Premier League season is upon us, MLB Playoffs are here, and the NBA and NHL season are almost in our grasp... it's the best time of the year for sports fans!

That means it's time to set those bankrolls and prepare to make some picks.

However, it's not just as simple as throwing money on any team you feel good about, there's WAY more of a strategy to it than that.

Installing certain techniques into your sports betting can help you create longterm success.

Here are a few things you should think through when creating your sports betting strategy, regardless of the sports you choose to bet on.

Preparing a Sports Betting Strategy

There may be some terminology in this guide that you're unfamiliar with, incorporating these few tips will help you achieve consistent winnings.

Organize a Personal Bankroll

Benjamin Franklin once said: "For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned."

Essentially, he means to say that those who strategize and plan ahead are the ones that will see the most return.

The same thought process should be instilled in your sports betting practices.

The first thing you should always do before each season is set a bankroll that you'll put aside for betting.

This is the amount of money you've allotted to use towards placing bets and making your picks.

That way, if you lose all your bankroll in the worst-case scenario, you're not sabotaging your money you need in your personal life.

Know Your Percentages

Once you've set a bankroll, it's time to set some ground rules for yourself on the percentages of that bankroll you're allowed to use on any picks.

Generally, you want to keep it between placing 1-5% of your total bankroll on anyone pick that you make. 

That way you're only allowing yourself to bet on "gut feelings" up to a certain percentage, and not risking it all on a hunch you have that may not work out.

Ultimately, if you're hoping to stay conservative within the year you'll stick to betting no more than 2%. If there's a pick you're willing to be aggressive with, then you can place 3-5% on it.

Remember that these are dynamic percentages, meaning that you don't use 1-5% of the money you start out with the entire season, you adjust it.

For example, if your bankroll is 1,000£, then the 1-5% bets to start will range from 10£-50£. 

However, if halfway through the season your bankroll is down to 800£, then the 1-5% bets will range from 8£-40£.

Don't Try to Compensate Your Losses

One of the most common mistakes that sports bettors make in today's market is betting more money on their next picks following a sizeable loss in an effort to win back what they lost.

Everyone experiences loss throughout the season.

Sometimes it's several weeks of losses in a row, which can get frustrating... but stay strong, and don't follow up your loss with an even more sizeable loss.

Instead, stick to the 1-5% pick strategy that was outlined above, that will help you stay the course of the long sports season and put you in the best position to see significant return at the end of the year!

Track Your Bankroll Weekly

This is possibly the most essential piece to strategizing for your sports betting. 

If you don't monitor your bankroll and update it weekly, you'll lose track of where your bankroll currently stands.

That means a) you won't know your winnings or losses from any given week, and b) you won't be able to scale your betting percentages to the current bankroll amount.

Tracking will also be a great resource to understand the trends of your betting style.

Where you too conservative one week? Did you throw too much money at a pick you didn't do enough research on?

Think of this as your practice film that you review each week to prepare for the week ahead.

Apply Your Research

You're undoubtedly seeing a trend in this guideline: organization will help you thrive.

The last piece to an optimized sports betting strategy plan is backing up every pick you make with thorough research.

There are several ways to do this: looking at last week's scores, studying the roster (if you have knowledge on individual players), view the stats of the past few weeks, etc.

However, it's not enough research to pick a team merely because they've won the past few weeks.

For example, if there's a team that won their game last week, then analyze how much they won by, what the record was of the team they beat, the record of the team they're playing this week, and their score differential so far this season.

All this information is easily accessible in our modern world and will help you solidify any picks you make.

Try Your Sports Betting Strategy with Online Sports

Now that you've formatted a well-defined sports betting strategy, it's time to put that plan to the test with online sports betting!

There are several fun betting challenges such as "total goals", "point spreads", and "first/last goal", that you can participate in.

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