Trending Online Casino Games in Malaysia

Trending Online Casino Games in Malaysia

Just lying north of the Equator in Southern Asia is Malaysia with a population just a shy under 38 million. Vastly Muslims, Malaysians are forbidden from any form of betting. Surprisingly, online gambling platforms such as AsiaBookie and many others have crept their way into the hearts and pockets of its citizens. The advent of technology has introduced a measure of privacy and withdrawn the element of fear amongst gamblers. Downloadable online casinos, website based casinos and live dealer casino games are variants of trusted online casino Malaysia formats, and a detailed account of them is to come.

Baccarat is a popular Malaysian Card Comparing Game

That pits the player and the dealer or the banker- face to face against each other. The game can be played even by beginners using platforms such as Mega888. This is a downloadable platform available on Android and iOS app stores. With an option to either download the games or play online in the application, such platforms are profiteering by charging a small fee for access to some of the casino games. As with any gambling platform, the exciting part of these downloadable applications is that one controls how much money you gamble on each baccarat game.

Gamblers prone to random mobile phone searches cannot afford to save gambling applications. Instead, most prefer website based casinos. An establishment 4D88 was found in 2008, and it timeously provides lottery report updates for Malaysia. Updates provided are from state-licensed lottery agency only. The site offers up to date data onpast wins statistics and how to maximize one’s chances of winning. With a daily lottery update taking place, players have access to 4d result live. Gamblers are sure to have their daily dose of adrenaline as they seek to land the jackpot and hopefully win big.

The established state-owned franchise, Sports Toto, continues to operate, offering more regularized betting nationwide. The company offers live dealer casino games such as the famous 4D Toto. It is also the sole licensed national lotto operator. The rules of the game require one to pick four digits to form a number from 0000 to 9999, placing a minimum bet of $1 or more. Every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday will be made. Winners are selected ifthe player places a bet on. Successful bets get to win a prize if their 4D number appears in any prize category.

Online casino gaming in Malaysia seems set to continue for the foreseeable future. Currently, online casino platforms are not subject to state taxing as other businesses are. With a whopping 7 million dollars being generated annually from online games in Malaysia, the trend is set to continue. More and more people are expected to play Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker and roulette online taking advantage of the available websites and applications. Whether you are Malaysian, or a visitor with the irresistible itch to gamble, be on the lookout for these and any other trusted online casino Malaysia websites and applications.