What Kind of Online Game Can Win Jackpot in Malaysia?

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What Are the Rules to Playing Magnum 4D Jackpot Malaysia?

Magnum Jackpot is a reasonably straightforward game to play. To play for the jackpot, you must choose 2 4D numbers. A number (four-digit) in the range of 0000-9999 is known as a 4D number.

Every two-number combination costs 2 ringgits. Moreover, if you don't have any lucky numbers or want to try your fate in a different method, you can choose an automated selection, which will be handled by the program when you're purchasing your ticket.

There are roll-play picks and permutations in addition to the normal gameplay option. Both of them boost your chances of winning the game, but they're more expensive than a basic entry.

You can use the permutation to acquire all possible combinations of the 4 numbers you've picked. The permutation can be used on both or one of the selected Jackpot 4D numbers. Furthermore, the cheapest permutation will set you back eight ringgits, while the most expensive will set you back 576 ringgits.

Rolling the dice allows you to include 1 of the 4 digits with all the digits from 0 to 9. Your number entry will be in the format 14R9, with R switched by all nine digits. This roll-play can be applied to both or one of the selected Jackpot 4D numbers once again. The cheapest ticket is 20 ringgits, while the costliest costs two hundred ringgits.

Additionally, it is possible to use a combination of roll play and permutation to increase your chances of winning. A 480-ringgit admission fee will be charged.

Every week, on Saturday, Wednesday, and Sunday, the Magnum 4D jackpot Malaysia is drawn. On Tuesdays, dependent on the week, an extra exclusive drawing may be held. If you missed the special drawing and are curious about the 4D Jackpot outcomes, you may find them on the Magnum Corporation's official website or at ourtrusted online casino Malaysia site.

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What Are the Prizes of Magnum 4D Jackpot Malaysia?

4D Magnum Jackpot has a jackpot of 30.25% of total gross ticket sales. If there isn’t a winner in a given drawing, the money will be carried over to the following one. The award for the second prize tier is the assured minimum. The total might be substantially greater dependent on the week.

If there are multiple jackpot winners, the whole prize pool will be divided among all those that match the required numbers. The 2nd prize is 5.5% of overall gross ticket sales since the last time the reward was given out.

Prize claims for the Magnum 4D jackpot Malaysia can begin the next business day afterward the drawing. Magnum Corporation has 6 months after the drawing date to contact players and request payment.

The nicest part about playing the Malaysian lottery is that the winnings are not subject to income tax. Lastly, the listed amount is the amount you will receive.